Babylog VN600

Babylog® VN600 comes with a new user interface and design which makes operation easier and more efficient. The neonatal ventilator supports lung and brain protective ventilation modes throughout the whole respiratory cycle and can be easily integrated in a developmental care friendly workplace.


Operation principle and user interface

The brilliant user interface combined with a timely glass touch technology supports intuitive operation and lowers education times and possible errors.  
  • Quick and safe to operate even in the most stressful situations due to intuitive menu access to both settings and your clinical data.
  • All patient data, alarms and trends are fully recorded. Conveniently exported via USB interface.
  • Switch between multiple view configurations with the touch of a finger.
  • Step-by-step guidance leads you through every procedure.
  • Easy to read and navigate thanks to our new colour concept and glass touch display.
  • The 360° alarm light flashes in the color of the corresponding alarm priority and is visible from every direction.

Lung and brain protective ventilation

Dräger Babylog ventilators safeguarding high flow O2 therapy
  • Safeguarding Dräger O2 therapy allows the caregiver to sageguard pressures at the patient’s interface by setting a maximum pressure to protect the immature lungs from undesired high airway pressures. A display of the measured pressure at the interfaces supports an easy setting for the user.
  • For all patients Support of high flow O2 therapy with HFNC with Dräger O2 therapy up to 30 L/min for paediatric patients and up to 15 L/min for neonates. With Optiflow Junior 2* a broad range of patients can find a comfortable interface.
  • Seamless application With the Babylog family one breathing circuit system can be used for all therapy types. This allows for a quick and safe transition between non-invasive ventilation and high flow O2 therapy with HFNC. Less material usage and difference in systems may safe time and reduces costs and disposal.
  • Seamless transition By using Dräger ventilators you can conveniently switch your patient between traditional invasive ventilation, non-invasive ventilatory support, or high flow O2 therapy with HFNC to meet changing needs while still using the same device.

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV)

  • Reliable pressure control and monitoring
  • Demand flow principle to correct for leakages (in slope operation), thus stable pressure even in presence of leakages
  • Trend data over the whole ventilation therapy
  • Ventilation with only one breathing circuit possible, that allows for kangaroo care
  • BabyFlow® plus accessories for non-invasive respiratory support are available in different sizes providing comfort and optimum CPAP support to the infant.


We envision a future of acute care where medical devices are connected as a system. Interoperability between different devices can help to avoid preventable medical errors and potentially serious inefficiencies. The new standardised network protocol named SDC makes the safe and dynamic connectivity in the hospital possible which will allow interoperability of medical devices in the future. Our first step will be connectivity through CC300:
  • Full HL7 data export to HIS from all devices: reliability exchange high-quality data in a standardised format between medical devices and EMR.
  • Future-proof open connectivity: standardised and secure communication between medical devices with a high level of cyber security.

Comprehensive Services

​Our comprehensive consulting and support services ensure maximum performance in more fields than you would expect.
  • Product service such as inspection and device maintenance to ensure a maximum uptime
  • Professional service like IT consulting and system integration
  • Online and class-room trainings
  • Multivendor service
  • Digital services like network-based services and analysis of device data
  • Access to online neonatal community BabyFirst community for clinicians and parents of premature babies.


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More Products

Dräger Polaris® Multimedia

Document surgical procedures in standard or professional quality with one of several flexible, standard or high resolution video solutions.

Polaris® 50

The Polaris® 50 is ideal for everyday hospital life, which is becoming more and more challenging. Whether it is in the examination room, in intensive care or in the OR-induction room – the Polaris® 50 always provides high-contrast, colour-stable light. In addition, the treatment light is flexible to handle and easy to use so that you can make the right decisions more quickly.

Dräger Polaris® 600

Our OR light is state of the art: The Dräger Polaris® 600 makes your working day a lot easier – with intuitive controls and versatile configuration options. The future-proof system concept remains true to the philosophy of the product family providing you with simply good light.

Dräger Polaris® 100/200

In the operating room, the right illumination is essential for success. The Polaris® 100/200 surgical illumination systems provide cool light with natural colours and rich-contrast for thousands of hours of carefree operation without straining on your hospital‘s budget