Flexicare’s Dual Heated Wire Breathing Systems with VentiMyst technology deliver absolute humidity and manages excess rain-out.


VentiMyst® Heated Wire Breathing Systems
  • VentiMyst Advanced Active Humidification delivers absolute humidity and manages excess rain-out.
  • Excessive condensation within a breathing system can cause accidental drainage of rainout into patient’s airway, resulting in Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP).
VentiMyst is the ultimate solution for moisture management, actively transferring moisture before it can become hazardous to patients, clinicians and equipment. Reduced Risk of Contamination Closed systems and reduction in circuit breaks lower the risk of contamination reaching the patient, clinician or ventilator. Reduced Patient Risk Minimises the need to open or break the circuit to remove excess rain-out, therefore decreasing the risk of Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia. Reduced Risk of Resistance Less risk of increased resistance to gas flow from fluid build-up in the expiratory limb or filter. Embedded Dual Heated Wire with VentiMyst Heated wires are embedded in a reinforced spiral construction throughout the length of the smoothbore inspiratory limb, providing improved heat distribution in the wall of the circuit.


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