Skanray has a global presence in manufacturing and R&D and is a globally certified Medical Equipment Manufacturer (Retail/OEM) from India in the field of Diagnostic Medicine and Critical Healthcare. With its dedicated design teams in Europe and India, coupled with worldwide manufacturing facilities in India, Italy, and Latin America, Skanray Technologies is an internationally acclaimed firm in med-tech verse. Skanray presently has 80 plus patents going into 50 plus CE/FDA certified hi-end medical equipment in various categories that cater to all facades of healthcare delivery including but not limited to Diagnostic X-Ray systems, Surgical C-Arms, Dental Radiography Systems, Patient Monitoring Systems, Defibrillators, Critical Care Ventilators, Anaesthesia Workstations, ECG Machines, Central Nursing Systems and more. Skanray's facilities in India house the Manufacturing, Design & Development, Quality Control and Quality Assurance teams. Skanray designs and manufactures products that comply with US FDA, UL and CE requirements. The plants are ISO 9001 certified, along with ISO 13485: 2003, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations. With a track record of over 100,000 installations in such a vast array of equipment Skanray is a true global company focusing on delivering premium products and strives to improve their quality healthcare.


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CardiSkan - the cutting-edge 12-lead ECG...

Athena 500i

Athena SV200



CardiSkan - the cutting-edge 12-lead ECG system designed to revolutionize cardiac monitoring. With rapid 1000 samples/sec acquisition, a user-friendly resistive touchscreen, and intuitive hotkeys, obtaining accurate ECG readings has never been easier. Equipped with a 3-channel thermal printer and built-in measurements and interpretation, CardiSkan ensures seamless data analysis. Stay informed with its visual alarm indicator for real-time alerts.


Comet Plus

Pulse Oxymeter (Nellcor™) with Plethysmograph

floSKAN 2000

floSKAN 3000

Intraskan DC (Floormount)

Intraskan DC (Wallmount)

Intraskan digi plus

  • DICOM Compliant: Easy Image transfer & Remote Analysis
  • Patient records management for easy clinical decision
  • Report & Print capability
  • Report sharing via email
  • Images & diagnostics can be shared with patient on a DICOM Compliant CD/DVD
  • Pre-loaded viewing Software CD/DVD
  • Zoom glass, zoom & pan, torch light, horizontal & vertical flip
  • Image enhancement & histogram equalization
  • Measurements of line, point & curve
  • Image invert, rotation & comments
  • 3D colour rendering & bone densitometry indication
  • ROI study & image fusion


Microskan DR

Microskan Ion

Microskan Ion, the Ultra Light HF mobile X-ray unit delivers precise imaging with exceptional clarity and reduced radiation exposure. 2.8kW, 200kHz, 60mA with APR. Hand-held and integrated console for parameter setting and exposure control.

Microskan Ion

Planet 45