Eclipse Pro

Increased compliance, easy to use and re-use

Better patient compliance means a better recording, which is more accurate and easier to analyze, and also potentially reduces the need for repeat recordings. Eclipse Pro has a wide range of lead fittings and a patch option that make it easy for you to obtain quality recordings with all patient types and sizes. It’s quick to fit, download, recharge, and prepare for the next patient.

Supports your infection control efforts

Eclipse Pro is easy to clean and safe to handle. It is tested with a multitude of frequently used cleaning products and designed without straight edges, gaps or other traps for dust and debris. Eclipse Pro and its snap-in lead sets eliminate the need for individual connectors, simplifying device hook-up.


Intelligently working together for high team performance

Eclipse Pro is the ideal recorder to use with the Pathfinder SL Holter Analysis System. Or it can be coupled with the LifeScreen Pro Event Screening System to triage recordings and reduce turnaround times. The Sentinel cardiology information management system makes it all straightforward, managing data from the Eclipse Pro and Eclipse Mini recorders, both analyzers and integration to the EMR.

Comfort meets confidence

The better the fit, the better the quality of the recording – and the more confidence in your analysis A comfortable hook-up means your patient is more likely to be able to tolerate the recording for the desired length of time, and also avoid artifact and lead-off challenges. The recorder can be carried by neck lanyard or a belt clip to enhance patient comfort, and we also offer a single-use bag option. Patients can live their lives normally — whether shopping, working, at school, or playing sports. The recorder and lead set meet the IP55 standard, so it’s shower-proof. Easier analysis – lead lengths that fit your patients Our team has gone to great lengths to fit your range of patients. Accommodate their various shapes and sizes with three different lead lengths. Simply connect and remove the snap-in lead sets with a twist of your thumb.

Easy patch application

Save time during initial set-up with a patch that can be easily replaced by the patient, so the recorder can be worn for the desired length of the recording period. Small and comfortable, the patch eliminates the need for a lead wire, lanyard, or clip. It lasts for 14 days and helps to support patient self-hookup.

Help patients give you the information you need

In addition to a patient-event button, Eclipse Pro works with an optional smartphone app so your patient can easily select and record events. A Bluetooth connection allows the recorder to embed the event text into the recording, providing a meaningful description. This avoids the need to read and manually enter patient event data from a paper diary, saving time and helping to avoid errors.


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More Products

Xhibit XC4

Central monitoring in the patient vicinity

Xhibit® XC4 (96501) is an all-in-one computer with a 15.6" touchscreen display that offers the advanced capabilities of an Xhibit Central Station. The medical-grade Xhibit XC4 brings enhanced flexibility to caregivers by enabling central monitoring of patient data in close proximity. Whether mounted outside two ICU rooms or installed in a nursing alcove, the XC4 optimizes workflow efficiency, allowing clinicians to conveniently check patient vital signs even in compact spaces unsuitable for a central station monitor. Elevate patient care with this intuitive and space-saving solution for real-time data access, ensuring quicker responses and improved outcomes.

Discover the Xhibit XC4 for streamlined monitoring, supporting healthcare professionals to make informed decisions with ease and precision.

Xhibit XC48

Xhibit (96102) provides remote centralized monitoring and alarm management for up to 48 patients. Use just one or up to four high-definition displays for detailed views of any patient on the network. Easily adjust which patients are viewed on each display and the acuity of their monitoring with highly customizable views. Xhibit’s one-touch or one-click feature quickly shows the bedside view for a particular patient on one full screen


Perfect combination of networking technology and patient monitoring to provide the best care to the patient The Spacelabs C50 patient monitor is the ideal solution for quality clinical care while supporting your budget. Measurements include ECG, SpO2, impedance respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, and temperature, with options for invasive pressure and ETCO2. The C50 provides flexibility for a variety of neonatal, pediatric, and adult environments.


Rechargeable recorder for capturing up to 48 hours of high quality three channel ECG data. As a robust, self-contained recorder, Evo is designed to capture up to 48 hours of high quality three channel ECG data, quickly download the raw data recording, recharge and be available for the next patient within five minutes. The onboard screen provides a signal quality check and information to the technician to ensure good quality recordings.