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90217A ABP monitoring system
Fast, accurate results from Spacelabs’ ABP...
AriaTele patient-worn telemetry
Spacelabs’ AriaTele telemetry transmitter delivers a...
Perfect combination of networking technology and...
Cardio Express SL6A
Cardio Express SL6A
CardioExpress SL6AS is the cost-effective solution...

90217A ABP monitoring system

Fast, accurate results from Spacelabs’ ABP monitoring system enable you to fine-tune your patients’ treatment and better assess their cardiovascular risks. Used in conjunction with Sentinel, results can easily be shared with hospital information systems via the HL7 and DICOM interface.

AriaTele patient-worn telemetry

Spacelabs’ AriaTele telemetry transmitter delivers a high performance product with a large full color screen. View your patient’s ECG or SpO2 waveforms from the large easy to read graphic display. Up to four leads of ECG, lead by lead, can be viewed along with the heart rate. Signal quality and battery level icons provide operational peace of mind. Powered by either standard AA alkaline or eco-conscious NiMH rechargeable batteries and waterproofed to IPX7, AriaTele provides both reliability and a cost effective means of monitoring your ambulatory patients.


Perfect combination of networking technology and patient monitoring to provide the best care to the patient The Spacelabs C50 patient monitor is the ideal solution for quality clinical care while supporting your budget. Measurements include ECG, SpO2, impedance respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, and temperature, with options for invasive pressure and ETCO2. The C50 provides flexibility for a variety of neonatal, pediatric, and adult environments.
Cardio Express SL6A

Cardio Express SL6A

CardioExpress SL6AS is the cost-effective solution for hospital care areas, routine checks, and emergency cases.
CardioExpress SL12A

CardioExpress SL12A

Designed for high volume use in busy departments
CardioExpress SL18A

CardioExpress SL18A

Premium features for advanced diagnostic capabilities

Cardioline touchECG

The Cardioline touchECG diagnostic ECG system integrates easily into data management and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

Eclipse Mini

Discover more arrhythmias, work more efficiently With the battery built right into the electrode, it’s easier for patients to quickly connect and wear the Eclipse Mini for weeks at a time (even in the shower). This reusable recorder features high-quality, flexible recording options, providing more diagnostic data with 3-channel, 30-day recordings.

Eclipse Pro

Increased compliance, easy to use and re-use

Better patient compliance means a better recording, which is more accurate and easier to analyze, and also potentially reduces the need for repeat recordings. Eclipse Pro has a wide range of lead fittings and a patch option that make it easy for you to obtain quality recordings with all patient types and sizes. It’s quick to fit, download, recharge, and prepare for the next patient.

Supports your infection control efforts

Eclipse Pro is easy to clean and safe to handle. It is tested with a multitude of frequently used cleaning products and designed without straight edges, gaps or other traps for dust and debris. Eclipse Pro and its snap-in lead sets eliminate the need for individual connectors, simplifying device hook-up.


Rechargeable recorder for capturing up to 48 hours of high quality three channel ECG data. As a robust, self-contained recorder, Evo is designed to capture up to 48 hours of high quality three channel ECG data, quickly download the raw data recording, recharge and be available for the next patient within five minutes. The onboard screen provides a signal quality check and information to the technician to ensure good quality recordings.

Lifecard CF

Lifecard CF’s rugged and splash proof design and its patented 3-channel 3-electrode hook up are all designed keeping patient comfort and compliance in mind.

Lifescreen Pro

The Spacelabs Lifescreen Pro Event Screening System is key to a high diagnostic yield for patients with suspected or intermittent arrhythmias, providing fast, assisted analysis when and where it’s needed so patients can continue on the care pathway as soon as possible. Interactive tools help refine this rich and relevant analysis with just a few clicks. Greater understanding, faster Lifescreen Pro saves analysis time and can provide a result soon after the recorder is returned. Use it to triage recordings, providing very fast results for a large proportion of recordings. Lifescreen Pro is an element of Spacelabs Runway™ architecture, so you can integrate it into your information ecosystem with ease.


Spacelabs OnTrak Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor has been comprehensively tested and validated1 for adults and children, to give you reassurance, confidence and consistent results when assessing a patient’s hypertension.

Pathfinder SL

Advanced algorithms and versatile tools allow you to quickly and easily analyze large amounts of ECG data and derive meaningful interpretation to support your screening and diagnostic decision process. Pathfinder SL’s unique dual screen analysis system with modular analysis packages allow you to opt for the right solution to manage your current analysis needs while allowing you the flexibility to continue adding increasing sophistication based on your timeline.
  • Clean simple ECG recordings can be quickly analyzed and reports generated within minutes
  • More complex recordings with multiple atrial and ventricular rhythms can be analyzed using a range of more advanced tools.

Qube compact bedside monitor

The Qube compact monitor delivers both simplicity and style. Small and lightweight with a battery life that goes the distance, Qube offers portability, accessibility and heightened connectivity—perfect for emergency, general, intensive, and post-anesthesia care units. Caregivers can access current, critical patient information—from bedside throughout transport—to provide the ultimate level of patient care.

Qube Mini transport monitor