Aptima HPV +ThinPrep Cervical Health

Leading the charge in cervical disease prevention with the ThinPrep® system and Aptima® HPV assays

Hologic has remained an unwavering advocate for women’s health for more than two decades. Our goals as a company are intrinsically tied to changes in best-practices for women’s health, applying the latest findings in diagnostic medicine to the development of new products and technologies in response to the emergence of new discoveries in medicine.

Genius™ Digital Diagnostics System

Hologic introduces the Genius Digital Diagnostics System*

Genius Digital Diagnostics is the first CE-marked digital cytology platform to combine a new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm with advanced volumetric imaging technology to help cytotechnologists and pathologists identify pre-cancerous lesions and cancer cells in women. The system can rapidly analyze all cells on a ThinPrep® Pap test digital image, narrowing tens of thousands of cells down to an AI-generated gallery of the most diagnostically relevant images. This will help provide healthcare providers with the critical information they need to guide earlier detection and better treatment decisions for the patients they serve.

ThinPrep® 5000 Autoloader

Maximize Laboratory Efficiency with Fully Automated, Hands-Free Technology

ThinPrep® 5000 Processor

Fully Automated so You Can Accomplish More Than Ever Before

ThinPrep® Genesis™ Processor

Enabling Cytology Labs to Do More Offering automated chain of custody, streamlined cytology processing, and hands-free sample aliquoting in a single instrument, the ThinPrep Genesis processor promotes confidence in results while optimizing lab performance.

ThinPrep® Processors

Meeting the Demands of Your Lab

ThinPrep processors are intuitive, versatile, and scalable solutions for laboratories of all volumes. The portfolio offers reliable, best-in-class systems that help cytology labs automate their processes – decreasing the need for hands-on labor and increasing laboratory efficiencies. And because every sample is a patient, our automated chain-of-custody technology delivers confidence in results without sacrificing productivity.