Adult Parallel Circuits

Flexicare provides a comprehensive range of parallel anaesthesia circuits, also known as closed anaesthesia circuits, suited for low flow anaesthesia applications. All parallel circuits are equipped with sturdy Y-pieces suited to make connections with catheter mounts, filters and patient interfaces. The machine-end connectors provide an easy and secure fit to the anaesthesia machine, while still allowing ease of disconnection.

Anesthesia Face Masks

Flexicare offers a wide range of single-use and re-usable anesthesia face masks. The single-use masks have an inflated cushion that creates an excellent ventilation seal with high patient comfort. Standard masks are available without hooks, reducing waste.

Athena 500i

Athena SV200

Catheter Mounts

Designed to provide a flexible connection between an intubation device and a breathing circuit and reduce the drag on an ET Tube or Laryngeal Mask by transferring the weight of the breathing system away from the patient.


A wide range of connectors for many respiratory applications are available, single packed.

Disc Filters

Hydrophobic Disc Filters protect a capnometer from moisture carried in the patient’s exhaled breath.

Dräger Atlan A350/A350 XL

The new platform offers flexibility for most spatial conditions. The high precision piston ventilator supports lung protective ventilation measures and a comprehensive set of parameters assist decision-making support. The Atlan A350/XL can be networked to communicate bi-directionally and securely with other networked devices to share data and information that can help to increase efficiency and reduce errors in anaesthesia.

Dräger Fabius MRI

Increase the diagnostic capability of your MRI unit with the help of state-of-the-art ventilation in the Dräger Fabius® MRI anaesthesia system specially designed for use in MRI environments.

Dräger Fabius Tiro®

Get the most out of even the smallest spaces with a compact yet fully featured anaesthesia solution designed for use in a variety of specialised environments.

Dräger Fabius® Plus

Combine quality ventilation, easy operation and maintenance with open architecture expandability. The Dräger Fabius® Plus combines quality ventilation with enhanced flexibility and integration capabilities. It was designed to accommodate a wide range of options and accessories, allowing you to customize your Dräger Fabius® Plus to suit your particular needs.

Dräger Perseus A500

Outstanding ventilator technology meets the latest approaches to ergonomics and system integration in one innovative anaesthesia machine, developed together with experts from all over the world to streamline your anaesthesia workflow.

E – Flo 6

E-Flo 6 comes with the latest refinements in ergonomics and systems integration with an advanced, easy to use anaesthesia platform designed by experts to streamline your anaesthesia workflow. An anaesthesia workstation designed for adult and paediatric care, it features an 8.4 inch colour TFT screen, advanced proportional solenoid valve technology and dual flow sensing to realise accurate ventilation control. E-Flo 6 also comes with standard ventilation modes like VCV, PCV, Manual and Stand by.

E – Flo 6C

E-Flo 6C is a three-gas (O2, N2O, and air) anesthesia workstation which maintains minimum minute ventilation. The workstation’s capabilities include VCV, PCV, Manual and Standby modes. Featuring a comprehensive colour-coded alarm system with alarm messages for patient safety, E-Flo 6C has both adult and paediatric modes.

E – Flo 6D

E-Flo 6D is a workstation with multiple capabilities including VCV, PCV, SIMV (V) + PS, SIMV (P) + PS, PSV with apnea back up,Manual and Standby modes (Optional mode: PRVC). Featuring a 8.4” colour TFT screen, it monitors Pressure, Volume and Flow wave forms along with other ventilator numeric parameters . Adult ,Paediatric and Neonatal modes of operation are applicable.

E – Flo 7

E-Flo 7 is a compact and lightweight, ergonomic anaesthesia workstation featuring a 10.1" colour TFT screen, electronic flowmeter with virtual flow display and PEEP. It offers standard ventilation modes like VCV, PCV, SIMV (V) + PS, SIMV (P) + PS, PSV with apnea back up, Manual and Standby (Optional: PRVC). Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient applications. Features electronic flow meter for O2, N2O and air.